February 1, 2016

Return Policy

Practical Social Media does not process refunds.  Due to the proprietary nature of our information-based product, all sales are FINAL.  All memberships are month-to-month and may be canceled at any time upon written request for cancellation sending in a cancellation request.

Practical Social Media does not refund membership fees even if any or all portions of a membership were not used.  For example, if a member registers for the PSM University, but never uses it, that does NOT warrant a refund.  Membership, and use thereof, is completely voluntary in all cases, and under no circumstances does non-use of  a membership warrant a refund.

By subscribing to the Practical Social Media University, you acknowledge and accept this written Return Policy, also acknowledging and accepting PSM’s policy of NO REFUNDS.

A membership may be canceled at any time with a simple written request.  Upon receipt of a written cancellation request, no further charges will be made.