February 12, 2016

Facebook Pixels

Creating & Installing The Facebook Tracking & Custom Audience Pixel

If you have not already installed the Facebook tracking and custom audience pixel on your blog, please watch the first training video below and do so now!

Every day that goes by is a missed opportunity to be re-marketing to people who have shown enough interest in your business to come to YOUR blog!

You also don’t want to miss the opportunity to run low-cost Facebook ad campaigns that can be further optimized for lead conversions.

Installing the Facebook tracking and custom audience pixel on your blog is so simple, yet so important for marketing your business!

If you have never installed a Facebook pixel on your blog, then just watch the first video below.

TWO IMPORTANT NOTICES: First, if you have or are currently using the Facebook Pixel Conversion plugin to install multiple pixels on your blog, then please watch the second training video below first. Facebook has updated their pixel management to create an easy, one-time process for installing a single pixel on your blog that covers everything that you will need. After watching the second video below, then proceed to the top training video for the latest installation instructions.

Second, in order to install a FACEBOOK CONVERSION TRACKING PIXEL, it will still require a second set of steps that are outlined in the last video on this page.

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